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  • Now, you can trap catfish for faster, easier and bigger catches! This new catfish trap is built like a hoop net. Fish enter through two narrowing throats and are trapped, unharmed, inside the basket. Sturdily constructed with convenient door on side for easy removal of fish. Simple to use; just bait and anchor anywhere.
  • Call for prices on Soccer Nets, Baseball Nets, Golf Nets, Bird Netting, and Poultry Netting.
  • Knotless Nylon Seines: Many fish hatcheries and conservation agencies all over the country use these for handling fish for stocking. The smooth knotless mesh free of knots is easy on the scales of fish and prevents damage. We recommend that all nylon seines be treated with Netset as this increases the strength and prevents sun damage by harmful elements which deteriorate nylon twines. We can build these nylon seines in any depth. Write for prices, if over 12' deep. Choice of cork or plastic floats and synthetic lines.

Nichols Net and Twine was founded in 1960 by William Nichols. The company was sold in 1971 to John Rogenski and Patrick Dillion, and incorporated the same year. It moved to it's current location, 2200 Hwy 111 Granite City, Illinois, in 1991. Nichols Net and Twine, Inc. is presently run by John Rogenski, president.